#CFR - "#cripjesus EXPOSES THE TRUTH!!!" 

00:00 00:24 INTRO

00:25 Hosts/Guest Introductions

4:48 Trap Activity (current events)

5:52 The concept of death is trivial in the world right now

7:42 CJ speaks on Jason Franks Possible Mental Breakdown

9:55 The Hollidays Aren’t About Family Anymore

10:45 The Kids Today Are Different Different 😳

12:13 CJ Discusses The Hell On Earth Theory 😓

15:22 10 second Social Media?? ⏰

16:34 Am I The Only That had The “Box” ???

18:46 BLUEFACE Legal Issues 22:54 Shanquella Robinson Case

31:01 CJ Music Update

33:23 Making Of Hood Politics Video

39:25 CJ Got The Names

48:27 Is Kanye A Black White supremacist???

49:45 The Case For Kanye’s Position

55:00 Outros

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