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Broadway Joe Baggs has been cutting his teeth in the streets and on the scene since 1998. Given his name by mentor Nel Brooks he was encouraged to engage the battle scene and invade any and every cipher he could to showcase his skillset and build a reputation.

By 2005 he was apart of the group The Society of Invisibles who's self-titled release on babygrande records is considered by many across the globe to be an underground classic. Years of touring and sharing the stage with every name under the sun has brought him to the space he inhabits now. The West Coast OG &   LoLife currently cohosts Gem Work Radio every Friday and has multiple musical projects set for release in 2023.



 MC Random is at an undisclosed location in El Monte, CA. And between freestyling over beats from Chop Lui, he shares his passion for Hip-Hop with me and is reminiscing on a watershed moment for him while witnessing a Hip-Hop show from over thirty years ago. The way he vividly and enthusiastically recalls it is captivating, and it immediately becomes clear that he is Hip-Hop in its purest form. Literally. "It's in my DNA," he says. And he is clearly in pursuit of creating a similar feeling for Hip-Hop fans with rhymes of his own like Russell's little brother 
did for him. Given Random's talent and extensive catalog, it is undoubtedly in the realm of possibility he could do so - if he hasn't already.

Random is an underground Hip-Hop veteran from California with over twenty albums and twenty years of industry experience to his name. And while his name may suggest otherwise, he is very precise in his approach to the art of rap. His purpose is not only to entertain but inform, educate, and contribute, "Random" speaks more to his variety as an emcee, as opposed to lack of 

He has lyrics like a poet, punchlines like a battle rapper, and bars like a songwriter. Additionally, his alter-ego "Ron Dickles" gives him a means to be funny (but not corny) with a genre of music that generally does not get recognition for its sense of humor. And the conceptual creativity 
behind something like 2019's A Better Way is proof that his respect for Hip-Hop history and way of making music sets him aside from his contemporaries.



OSVN is a seasoned recording artist hailing from Queens, NYC with a unique sound to share with the world. A product of Haitian immigrants and a fiery history in the melting pot, OSVN has a distinct ability to tell stories and his truth in a most cinematic way. After spending a considerable amount of time as part of the two man group UNDENIABLE and releasing several projects, OSVN is now making headway as a solo artist. His latest single "Twou Nwa" is available on all Streaming Platforms and his first body of work "Vwa La" is slated for an early 2023 release.




Denzel Davis is a prolific hip-hop artist from the heart and soul of San Bernardino ca he was raise in the struggle and overcame many obstacles in life from being sick with a bone disease to beating tumor cancer twice his music speaks on how he grow up in the struggle but also addresses real issues in today society that help influence and inspire people rather it is the older crowd or the younger generation in today's struggle millions can relate to him on a personal level and be inspire to chase after their dreams he emerged on the music scene in 2008 when he left San Bernardino to move to Phoenix Arizona where he dominated the game with his live performances he got his big break in year 2016 when he drop a mixtape call February that took the Arizona hip-hop scene by surprise and established him as a real lyricist and an activist in the community!

Check out Denzel on all streaming platforms.